Monday, April 20, 2009

The Boston Marathon and the Prefontaine Complex

I was watching the Boston Marathon eagerly anticipating that finally America would win the race in the forms of either Kara Goucher/Ryan Hall. It all came to an end with though with two very disastrous mistakes.

After observing the race I would like to explain my new running theory, the Prefontaine Complex. Basically, exhausting oneself by leading the race and setting a hard tempo.

Hall made the mistake immediately by attacking at the start of the mens race causing an early selection and set a hard temp. At the 5k mark the mens leaders were 1 minute ahead of the record pace. This lead to the downfall of Hall, who evidently ran to a third place finish

Goucher ran a basically perfect race untill about mile 21. At that point she decided to give it her all a little to early. She ran at the front causing some of the leaders to drop. By mile 25, as far as I could tell by analyzing her body language, she was done. Goucher as well ran to a third place finish.

Lets hope we can win it next year

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