Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Madness

Man. What a weekend. How to start?

Friday: Went out to Hains point and did like 25 miles of laps with some guys at the point. Great stuff. Then as I was getting ready to leave I accidentally locked myself out of my car. What a dumbass move. Thanks to my teammate, I was able to go to the police station, where they called a tow truck to open my car. By the time the tow truck had come and gone it was already like 9pm.

On Saturday I did both Cat 5 races at Fort Ritchie Criterium. Didn't have the best legs but still gave it my best shot. Was able to keep up with the pack in both races and managed to get top 20 finishes in both races. In the second race my 10-14 teammate, Andrew Cullinane, had an awesome race. He spent bascically the whole race at the front (sadly though he sorta died in the last 2 laps of the race).

After that came the Mens Cat 4 where my other teammate, Dan Schwartz claimed the victory in his first ever Cat 4 race. Dont get me wrong, the guy is strong. He managed to win the ACC Points jersey in his college division by riding without teammates in most of his races. Also Bert Garcia claimed a awesome 6th place in the same race.

Although being Mother's Day on Sunday, I decided that nice weather called for a long ride. I met up with Bert and some other people at the GW Campus. We rode an great 58 miles and enjoyed some awesome BBQ along the way.

Man, what a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sprints, the weekly fun (torture) fest

Well today as usual I did the Sprints as I like to call them at Hains Point. To start this isn't your usual group ride but to sum it up, its a bunch of guys who just goes all out for like 5k and then chills for a few hundred meters, repeat.

Don't get me wrong though. This is a very fun ride. It's hard enough that it allows me to go race pace and I love it.

No races this weekend, AP test on monday, and then Fort Ritchie next weekend. Looks like I got a fun week ahead!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Boston Marathon and the Prefontaine Complex

I was watching the Boston Marathon eagerly anticipating that finally America would win the race in the forms of either Kara Goucher/Ryan Hall. It all came to an end with though with two very disastrous mistakes.

After observing the race I would like to explain my new running theory, the Prefontaine Complex. Basically, exhausting oneself by leading the race and setting a hard tempo.

Hall made the mistake immediately by attacking at the start of the mens race causing an early selection and set a hard temp. At the 5k mark the mens leaders were 1 minute ahead of the record pace. This lead to the downfall of Hall, who evidently ran to a third place finish

Goucher ran a basically perfect race untill about mile 21. At that point she decided to give it her all a little to early. She ran at the front causing some of the leaders to drop. By mile 25, as far as I could tell by analyzing her body language, she was done. Goucher as well ran to a third place finish.

Lets hope we can win it next year